Back flow Prevention

Back flow prevention is needed to prevent a cross connection within our water systems. A cross-connection is any actual or potential connection between the municipal drinking water system and any source of pollution or contamination. For example, under certain circumstances a hose submerged in a sink or container full of dirty water or chemicals could draw the water from the sink or container back into the municipal drinking water system. Cross-connection control, or back flow prevention, helps to ensure our drinking water is protected from external contamination of the drinking water supply system

Most cities and and municipalities require and industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-residential properties to be compliant with a back flow prevention by-law. Certain back flow prevention devices need to be installed, maintained, and tested annually.

At Oakridge Plumbing Solutions, we are certified in cross-connection control. This certification is required in order to install, maintain, test, and submit reports on back flow prevention devices. Give us a call and allow us to service all of your back flow prevention needs.

Double check valve assembly

Reduced pressure assembly

Pressure vaccuum breaker

Hose connection vaccuum breaker